Thinking time…

field-trees I don’t know about you but Autumn for me can be a time for a bit of reflection and thinking. Looking back on the year and what it has brought me, what I may have achieved (or not!) as the case may be. Evaluating where I am with my work and life and thinking about my next moves…

I’ve spent all of this year being with and nurturing my little boy Noah, and although this should hopefully make for a good bond between us for now and the future, selfishly or not I have really missed having some time to myself to be creative in. I’ve realised more than ever how important it is to my happiness and well-being that I actually do! Therefore I’ve re-evaluated where I am with my creativity and what I want to get out of it. So much so that I have decided to wind up things with my ‘me plus molly’ endeavours and give myself a fresh start with something new. I have decided to re-brand myself and what I want to make and produce and will re-launch these ideas in 2015. So for now things are all bubbling along in the ideas melting pot and I shall let you know more as things develop.

leaf-sketches As my written mantra suggests, I’m aiming to ‘keep it simple’! Have a great 5th of November everyone!

Inspired By: Sprig and Tendril

My Inspired By feature this month is with Laura from:

Sprig and Tendril

succulent-close-up 1. What’s your story?

Hi, I’m Laura. I grow, design and make unique arrangements of succulent plants in re-purposed home-ware and seashells, providing a more imaginative alternative to potted house-plants for people who enjoy bringing nature into the home.

As a child I loved planting seeds and had a windowsill full of house-plants. As I grew up this morphed into a passion for the environment, and I spent most of my 20’s working as an Environmental Advisor. In my late 20’s my health slowly deteriorated and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, a long-term condition characterised by profound exhaustion and ‘flu like symptoms. I was quite poorly for a couple of years but have gradually improved and am able to work part-time on my new business. Sprig and Tendril was conceived as a creative outlet: an opportunity to pursue my love of plants whilst also allowing me to set my own hours and support myself financially.

I set out to provide imaginative indoor planting on a small scale, combining different colours and textures to create quirky but beautiful one-off designs. I was drawn to the idea of re-purposing as a means of reducing waste and breathing new life into old household objects. Succulents are beautiful, low-maintenance plants that don’t need much root space, making them ideal for creative interior gardening. Sprig and Tendril has been in my head for over 18 months now, and it’s very exciting to see it becoming a reality!

succulent-planters 2. Why the name ‘Sprig and Tendril’?

I spent a very long time thinking of names. I wanted something that reflected the nature of my work without being too literal. I came up with a big list of ideas and then whittled it down to a top ten. I then asked family and friends for their thoughts on my shortlist – interesting, but not that helpful as they all had different favourites! I really struggled to make a decision (choosing a name felt so final!) and dithered for a long time. What if people didn’t like it? What if someone already has a really similar name? In the end I went with Sprig and Tendril because it’s original, sounds pretty, and conjures images of something green and leafy. I’ve had some nice comments on the name so far so hopefully it was a good choice!

3. What’s next for Sprig and Tendril in 2014/2015?

I have a big  two day Craft Show at Nature in Art running from 1st-2nd November 2014, so I’m busy building up stock for that. After that I’ll be getting my Folksy shop up and running in time for Christmas. I have some exciting new seasonal products in the pipeline that I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone!

4. How can people further connect with you?

I blog through my website sprigandtendril, where I share inspiration and news. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. People keep telling me to join Instagram but I think that’s enough social media to be getting on with for now! I would love to hear from you and appreciate every comment so if you like my work then please get in touch :)

green-house 5. The best thing in your creative/work space right now?
I work from home in Cheltenham. We’re new to the area and are currently living in a rented house while we look for somewhere to buy, so it’s got a bit of a temporary feel to it. My workspace is split between the garden, where I have my grow houses; the shed, where I keep my compost, mosses and accessories; and the dining room, where I have a table for home ware and seashells. I would say my favourite thing at the moment is a vintage plant stand, found on Ebay, which wobbles precariously but looks very elegant. At the moment it’s displaying my Senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls, a beautiful trailing succulent), but in the future I plan to use it as a prop for product photography.

Thank you so much to Laura for answering my questions to be my ‘Be Inspired’ feature this month. It has been great to find out about her beautiful new business. I love what she is doing with all her green creations. Be sure to visit her website for a good nose. Thanks Laura! x

*All images copyright of Sprig and Tendril*

Inspired By: MiaFleur

My ‘Inspired By’ feature this month is with Hollie from:


MiaFleur- Me Plus Molly (1) 1. What’s your story?
MiaFleur is an online home and garden boutique, which was founded in October 2012 by myself, my mum Jacqui and my sister Amelia.
My mum and sister both have degrees in textile design and I have a degree and background in the business side of fashion and textiles. We have always wanted to combine our skills to do something together, but it was a case of finding the right time and the right way to do that, but once my sisters graduation was in sight in 2012 we knew this was our opportunity.
My mum has been passionate about interiors, sewing and design for as long as she can remember, a love passed down to her from her grandmothers. A love which has since been passed to my sister and I. We were spending our spare time making our own homewares and scouring the country’s craft and design fairs to find the most individual pieces from other designers and artisans. We came up with the idea of MiaFleur because we realised that not everyone has the time, ability or inclination to do that. We source the very best homewares on offer and bring them to you in one place.

2. Why the name ‘MiaFleur’?
Jacqui’s side of the family are Italian and we originally wanted to call MiaFleur something in Italian, but we couldn’t find anything that we liked the meaning of and was easy for the English to pronounce. So, we settled on MiaFleur, which means ‘my flower’ in a combination of French and Italian. Flowers and floral patterns are a big part of what we do, and we felt that the name ‘MiaFleur’ really represented our style.

MiaFleur- Me Plus Molly (3) 3. What’s next for MiaFleur in 2014?
Our house was featured in the January 2014 Homes and Antiques magazine, which as you can imagine, was a really proud moment for us.  You can see the pics Here.

We are really excited about our new Autumn/Winter range, we’ve got some fantastic pieces coming in. As well as expanding on our furniture collection, we have designed a huge new collection of cushions, both personalised and non, all of which are made from 100% linen in beautiful seasonal colours. We’re really expanding on our personalised cushion range this Autumn, with different sayings for different occasions, such as ‘It all started with a kiss’ and the date.  Our new Autumn range will be online from mid-September onwards.

4. How can people further connect with you?
People can connect with us via our website and blog.
We know that simply buying a product is not where the journey ends and for some, knowing how to make the product look just as good in your own home can be tricky. Which is why we also provide excellent after sales and through our blog and ‘sourcebook‘ page offer expert advice for styling, inspiration and how to design your home; as well as where to buy complimentary products such as antiques and vintage items and step by step ‘how to guides’ to create your own unique home through crafting, styling and design.

You can also connect with us through Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google Plus MiaFleur and Google Plus Hollie.

MiaFleur- Me Plus Molly (2) 5. The best thing in your creative/work space right now?
I have a bit of a thing for stationery, in particular pens and pencils – I’m very fussy what I write with! So at the moment I’m loving my Faber-Castell mechanical pencil that my Mum bought me for my birthday. I hate having to scribble things out, so being able to rub mistakes out instead comes in very handy!

Thank you so much to Hollie for answering my questions to be my ‘Be Inspired’ feature this month. It has been great to find out about her business with her mum and sister; what a very talented family. Be sure to visit the website for a good nose, so many lovely items on there. Thanks Hollie! x

*All images copyright of MiaFleur*